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Ice breaker

Benefit from the luxury of a chartered ice breaker

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Private restaurant

High standard dining just for you


Open spaces

We know open spaces trigger big thinking


A reserved meeting

The one you most certainly will meet - The King of the Forest


Reserved space

Immediate access to exclusive space, away from mainstream travelling. Where genuine and unpretentious hospitality meets the efficiency of advanced technologies.

Considering that the population density is one person per 100,000 m², you can be sure your personal space will hardly be violated. On the contrary, it's easy and affordable to reserve entire structures and services for your use only. The range of possibilities is spectacular. You can reserve an entire forest resort or a large seaside area on the rocky coast where a lighthouse and the keeper's building stand atop a cliff; or you might be interested in planning your special event on board an icebreaker or even in secret military hangars...

Our aim is to inspire people about their world, foster their creativity and help them to connect with each other in new, possibly more sustainable ways.


Unique is the privilege of disposing of your own space, out of the crowds, unbothered by the rest of the world.


You can roam around and explore the roadless wilderness, drive snowmobiles and quads in the spectacular sceneries of dense forests, ice-covered lakes and rivers. In this wild environment the majestic moose is recognized as the undisputed King. Beholding a full-grown moose, with its winter coat, standing tall and looking fierce is a true wonder. He deserves undeniable admiration for his power and nobility. The moose shares his space in the forest with us as we cross his regal territory with all due respect.


Cruising the frozen water of the northernmost arm of the Baltic Sea on board our icebreaker chartered just for your group; walking over the ice, the sheer magnitude of the sea, the white desert, swimming among ice floes, relaxing on deck and gazing into an infinite horizon. Unique is the privilege of disposing of your own space, out of the crowds, unbothered by the rest of the world.

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