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Quad safari

Wildlife experience

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Audi TTR Racing

Feel the power

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Understand the power of Swedish Lapland

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Challenge your physical resistance with off-time limits experiences: you can start your day with some fishing and still be up in the middle of the night playing golf or driving off-road quads on cross-country forest tracks in a midnight sun expedition.

Here the sun barely sets for 100 days in summer and nature is always awake. With more than 1,500 lakes, five large estuaries and 420 kilometers of coastline, there are plenty of possibilities to find the perfect fishing spot, to explore by canoe or kayak or sailing. Bird-watching and finally relaxing in the sun at the beach are also options to keep in mind.

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A taste of the northern periphery

Taste of Swedish Lapland

Salmon, cloudberries, reindeer, cheese, locally produced...

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